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Visitor Information

  • General Wards (4F~9F)
    14:00 〜 20:00
  • ICU
    14:30 〜 15:00,19:00 〜 19:30
No Visiting Policy

General Consultation Service Hours

Morning hours 8:00~12:00 *Hours vary by department
Afternoon hours 13:30~15:00 *Hours vary by department
Evening hours 17:00~18:30 *Hours vary by department
*Some departments are by appointment only. Consultation Service Hours may vary by department. Please ask the clerk at the reception desk or call +81-466-35-1177 for further details regarding operating hours.


Open 24 hours a day 365 days a year
*For more information, please contact us at +81-466-35-1177 or Fax +81-466-35-1300